Intellectural Development

OBS is a new development culture for our children.  OBS mission is using basketball as a bridge for our children to realize the different segments within the Intellectual Development ["ID"]  model for further personal, academics and sports development and enhancement.

 Piaget and Inhelder [1969] describe intellectual development as a series of stages through which children make qualitative changes as they acquire new knowledge while Vygotsky [1978] provides a foundation for understanding the social formation of learning; OBS further extends ID as a prerequisite for many successful learning foundations by incorporating the understanding of obligations, quality of commitments, degree of focus, then to establish personal habits and identity for the preparation and implementation of discipline and productive qualities.  

Transformation Theory is activated when an individual realized the necessity to construct new parameters to continually question and challenge beliefs, assumptions, patterns, habits and paradigms with an aim of creating a new future that has never existed before, and based on continual learning and a new mindset, take different actions than they would have taken in the past [Deming, 1993].

We will expend this ID principles with Transformation Theory through our clinics platform.

Advisory Council

marcus 2015
Marcus Mui, OBS Program Director

While every facet of our current basketball functions and logistics remains the same, many local high school basketball head coaches are members of our advisory committee to monitor our player development with annual and seasonal clinics.