Advance Clinic:  [7th grade and up] Application deadline – 10/27.This clinic is designed for a limited # of participants on a first come first serve basis.  This offer will be closed when all available spots are filled. This 6-day Advance OBS clinic is focused on the preparation for middle and high school team tryouts.

*Psychological development – independent detail oriented theory;
*Professional trainers - agility, core development, and conditioning;
*Skill training – 6 days various vigorous organized basketball skill training
*Guest Speakers - high school varsity head coach from their perspectives       
     Quince Orchard High School
- Paul Foringer
     Northwest High School - Robert Smith                  

Clinic schedule:
Tues 10/31       6:30 – 7:00 pm 30 minutes Parents participation -Psychological focus, preparation      and implementation; 7:00 – 8:00 pm core development, conditioning by professional Trainer - at Lakelands Park MS
Wed   11/1       7:30 – 9:00 pm at Northwest HS
Thur   11/2      6:30 – 8:00 pm at Lakelands Park MS
Mon 11/6         7:30 – 9:00 pm at Northwest HS
Tues 11/7         6:30 – 8:00 pm at Lakelands Park MS
Wed 11/8         7:30 – 9:00 pm at Northwest HS


Applicant Name: __________________________________ Date of Birth: __________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________________

Parents’  Name &Email: __________________________________________________________

Emergency Contact Name & Telephone #: ______________________________________________________________________________

 School: ___________________________________________ Grade: _______ [Fall 2017]

I hereby grant permission for my child to attend the basketball program supported by OBS and its member MIBG.  I understand that I am responsible for my child’s insurance in case of injury. Furthermore, I understand that although safety precautions will be observed, OBS, MIBG, their employees and agents will not be responsible for any personal lost by my child or for any injury sustained in the program.  I also consent to OBS and MIBG for the use of any photographs and videotapes made of the program.

 Please make $100 check payable to MIBG 

Parents/Guardian Signature: _____________________________________ Date: ______